Augmented Reality for Learning and Engagement

ARientation is an immersive learning platform that is free, easy to use, and doesn't look to take all your data. It's designed to be a simple, fast and easy way to create augmented environments for teaching and learning.


How it works

ARientation allows anyone to connect any digital contents to a set of special playing cards. Those playing cards can be printed out or purchased. Once you have some cards or images of the cards, you can use the ARientation app to see what contents, games, environments, and other projects others have created. You can also use this website to connect your own content to the cards. Once you do, you can then allow others to view your content. With this concept you can have cards play online videos, show websites, offer interactive web content, play audio, show images, or display almost any bit of information from the internet.

Three ways to use AR with ARientation:

1. Create a Project

All you need to do is fill out a Google Form! You will connect some digital contents to the ARientation cards. You can connect almost anything from YouTube videos to 3D models.

2. Try a Project

By using the ARientation application, you can load project that you and others create. Then digital content in those projects gets brought into the world when ARientation cards are found.

3. Spark Collaboration

With multiple options to share your projects and even make collaborative projects, you can engage with students, your colleagues, or anyone and everyone in the world.

WebVR Playground

ARientation WebVR Playground

WebVR Playground

Come experience what ARientation can do and how it is being used all over the world first-hand in our WebVR Playground. Explore the interactive space and talk with others in the space. Maybe try and solve a challenge together or find an ester egg!

ARientation in Action

WebVR Playground

Come play in our WebVR environement and interact with others and ARientation content.
Its a great way to

Featured Projects

There are so many ways to create and use ARientation. Here is a curated list of some innovative augmented learning environments using ARientation. You can also find a full list of project in the ARientation app.

ARientation Screen Shoot

Before I Graduate Project

An experiment in using AR to enhance a physical space that fosters both digital and face-to-face communication. It became an augmented community art space where students shared dreams and aspirations for the future

Fukuchiyama AR Rally

In collaboration with The University of Fukuchiyama in Japan, ARientation was used to design and implement a series of mixed reality environments to connect students to the community.

Why Me? Project

Why Me? Project

Award winning innovation



UNWTO (United Nations World Tourism Organization)

UNWTO received over 1,000 applications from over 100 countries for the Healing Solutions for Tourism Challenge, launched to identify the most disruptive startups, entrepreneurs and drive solutions to mitigate COVID-19’s impact on tourism.

iLRN2020 ARientation

Immersive Learning Project Showcase & Competition

Immersive Learning Network

Projects were selected for the State of XR and Immersive Learning Exemplar Collection and received Certificates of Commendation.


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